Telekom Local Support Challenge-broken ankle, BUMMER

Just before the Telekom Local Support Challenge did Jean Peytavit, a french bmx rider and a friend of mine visit me. We have been asked to reshape the indoorjumps in Mainz/Germany for the comin local support contest.
So after we finished them jumps did we have the dirtjump comp on saturday.

After I qualified 3rd did I step it up each run. Unluckily went something seriously wrong during my last run… I underrotated a 360°-Double Tailwhip and landed really bad on my right foot. So I broke my right ankle kinda….Like a big crack in the fibula and some bone broke off the tibia.

BUMMER! Seems like I always get bad luck beginning of each year.

Here you have a video about the moments before this crash:



Anyway… I´ll try hard to be back on my bike as soon as possible for the first big comp of the year, which is the Vienna Air King in April….