Mongoose "know your roots" roadtrip no.3

Las Vegas was the second last stop of our trip.

The idea was to meet up with the bmx team, meet stephen murray and ride tj lavin`s backyard a bit. Unfortunately stephen went to the hospital for some urgent reason!


So we cancelt the riding around vegas and focused 100% on las vegas and his crazy nightlife. :-)

We stayed at the „newyork-newyork“ hotel which got his own rollercoaster going through the hotel. That was a good start for our long night in vegas!


The next and last day we drove with a big hangover to los angeles where we had a final dinner with all the people who made this trip alive.

Also met up with Danny Oakley, the founder of mongoose, a really interesting and surely one of the nicest guys on earth.


I really can`t wait to get all the great footage we produced during this trip.

Aaron Bartlett from MTB.CUT is going to make some dope edits.


Thanks to everybody who joined us during this trip and made it as good as it was. Big times!


I`ll let you know.